For years, I have worked in the medical field. Putting in long hours in doctor's offices and hospitals, all in service of others. After a long shift, I would come home to my family, run a nice hot bath, light a candle, one with a relaxing scent, and let go of the day. Little did I know this process would develop into a passion. I have always been told to "let my passion be my guide". Well, my passion has guided me into starting my candle business, Serenity Glo Co LLC.! 

My vision is quite clear. To shine or dare I say "GLO", in this candle manufacturing and distribution industry. We are a female and Black-owned and operated business. We will provide our standard SGC candles that are made in-house. Along with, custom scented and designed candles and wax melts. If you like a certain scent, tell me and we can get it. Want a certain style or size, we can do that too. We will provide our customers with an inclusive experience with the type of candles that they want in their homes. 

Our candles are made using a mixture of coconut wax and fragrance oils. Each is hand poured and crafted. Our candles are eco-friendly and come in various sizes and styles. 



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